Understanding the Symptoms of ADD

ADD is a health problem which affects the memory of a person. It causes the inability to recall fine details of something. ADD affects the thing capability of an individual. One who suffers this disorder may not be able to realize the various symptoms which come with it. The following are some of the symptoms which show that one suffers memory disorder.

One who suffers ADD repeatedly makes simple errors. They frequently jump to make quick conclusions on issues without concentrating on the matter. Poor concentration also is a symptom that one may be suffering ADD. It interrupts the focus that they have on a particular thing. Inability to remember common things like the data may show that one has some memory disorders. Visit

Another symptom of ADD is the problem of completing both easy and hard jobs. One gets easily disturbed and interrupted by simple issues resulting in the inability to complete complicated processes followed in a given task. They also find themselves engaging in several tasks that were not part of the main task assigned.
Poor listening is also another symptom of ADD. People who suffer this disorder do not capture everything said no matter how the high and clearly they are said. They get lost in a conversation and start thinking about other things making it hard for them to follow or catch up the conversation.

The inability to strictly follow the guide given for a specific procedure may be a symptom of ADD. One who has this health problem does things in their way sometimes leading to mistakes even when given a process which should be followed. People with ADD are not well composed. They are unable to organize themselves smartly. They get things disorganized. They also postpone the time scheduled to get items in the right order finding the task complicated and tedious. While this happens, they do not make plans to fix issues and items in the right manner. Also visit 

Another symptom that can tell one has ADD avoiding activities that follow long procedures. They like using and following shortcuts to mend issues. This means that they cannot adhere to a plan to do things mostly when it is to be done for an extended period. Carelessness may also be a symptom that one is suffering ADD. This is because one easily loses items vital to them. They cannot be able to trace things they lost or misplaced even after a short duration. They do not care about an unpleasant condition such untidy environment around them. View


Signs you Do not Have ADHD

ADHD referred to as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a medical condition that that affects the brain development and brain activity and this affects the patient’s attention, the ability to sit still and self-control. This condition is common among children and teens and it can affect them up to adulthood. Many people have the fear of being diagnosed with ADHD and here are some signs that you do not have ADHD; Learn where to get adhd test 

The first sign that you do not have ADHD is that you feel like you are living up to your potential. Many people especially adults who are unaware that they have this condition always feel like that are underachieving regardless of how much they have achieved. When you have this condition, many are times that you will end up feeling like they have not attained much in life despite them having attained a lot. But when you feel like you are living up to your potential and you are able to recognize and appreciate your efforts and every move you make, then you are certain that you do not suffer from ADHD.

The second sign that you do not suffer from ADHD is that you are able to finish all your work and projects on time. People that have this condition find it hard to pay attention and concentration to what they have been assigned to do and this makes them unable to beat the deadline of majority of their projects. Once you have this condition, your brain’s activities are affected making it hard for you to concentrate in your work. Therefore, if you are able to beat the deadlines and finish your project on time, it is clear that you do not have ADHD. Also read  on symptoms of adhd 

The third sign that you not have ADHD is that your memory is sharp. People suffering from ADHD have memory problems as their brains are damaged and this affects their memories. A patient suffering from ADHD is unable to recall what they say or what is said to them after a short time. Therefore, if you are able to remember to everything you said after some time, it is vibrant that you not have ADHD.

Lastly, you are able to know you do not have ADHD when no one in your family has had this condition before. ADHD is as inheritable as height as it runs in the family. Therefore, if your family does not have any ADHD history then it clear that you do not have this condition. View


What are the Signs of ADHD or ADD?

To start with, the initials ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder while ADD refers to attention deficit disorder and they mean the same thing. It is essential to note that the condition affects both adults and children. The difference is that the symptoms in adults are impairing while the symptoms in children the symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity which tend to soften thus converting them into nervous tension, anxiety as well as depression. In this article, we are going to look at some of the common symptoms that will help you to know that you have ADHD. Read on signs of adhd 

The first symptom of ADHD is that the people of suffering from it has self-focused behavior, which means that they are unable to realize people's desires as well as their needs. Because of that, you will understand that they always cause trouble wherever they are. What they see and care about themselves and they will never give you time to say something that you feel is a concern or essential.

The second symptom is that they are interrupting. You find that with this they will always be interrupting others while they are talking and they will never let you finish saying what you started. Apart from that, they will also burst into a conversion or games that do not even concern them, and this is because they are self-focused. For instance, kids with such behaviors will never wait for their turn in classroom activities or when playing games with their colleagues.

Besides, people with ADHD also suffer from emotional turmoil, which means that they are unable to keep their emotions in check. You will find that they will always be angered at an appropriate time. The funny things are that they are even annoyed with things that are not even supposed to annoy anybody. Also read on add symptoms 

The other symptom is fidgetiness. You should understand that children with ADHD cannot sit still for long. Because of that, they will always try to get up and run around and when they are forced to sit they squirm on the chair. Another thing with this is that they will not be able to play quietly with others or doing their leisure time.

Last but not least, they always have unfinished tasks. The good news is that children with ADHD always show interest in a lot of things, but the problem with them is that none of them will be accomplished. This is because their concentration span is less and they will never take time with a single activity. View

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